Damage Inspection

Marine Survey Damage Inspection

Corroded Outdrive

A Damage Survey is usually requested by an insurance company and our fee is usually paid by the insurance company. Although we are hired by the insurance, we are a neutral party and and do not favor either the insurance or the owner. We inspect the damage “as reported”. We determine the pre-loss value of a vessel and evaluate the method and cost of repair. Sometimes, we write the estimate, sometimes we review a marina or repair facility estimate.

We do not determine insurance coverage, that is between the insurance and the insured.

We have reported on hundreds of incidents over the years and worked on the “CAT Team” for four named storms (hurricanes) in many of the east coast states over the last 18 years.

What We Can Do For You

Pre-Purchase Survey

This is the most comprehensive type of inspection, and is strongly advised when purchasing a new or used vessel.

Appraisal Inspection

This inspection is performed to gather enough information to justify or determine the fair market value of the vessel.

Damage Inspection

We can determine the cause, extend and loss related damage and can recommend repairs and review estimates.

Insurance Survey

This inspection is performed so that the insurance company can determine whether or not the vessel is an acceptable risk.